• April 23, 2024

Annexed properties to be opened by Balearic casinos

On the Balearic Islands of Spain, three casinos located in the area will now be allowed to run an annexed casino in another area apart from their existing operation. The regional government has a goal of complying the law with the regulation carried out in a restrictive way and the casinos would like to have more land for their gaming branches.

The public notification of the regulation ended last week and states that for an additional gaming site to be established by an operator, a deposit must be put down, according to a report on G3 Newswire. The gaming venue extensions have the option to be located on any of the Balearic Islands.

Currently, the deposit to be made by the gaming venues will be the Mallorca paying €450,000, the Menorca paying €225,000 and the Ib…

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